Splendid sashimi after one week absence (Tsukiji)

I missed sashimi while in Italy so much… so, I went to Kashigashira this weekend !
Recently Kashigashira has long line before the opening time and there are still some people waiting in front of the door after their closing time.

Because I was suffering from jet lag, I overslept. I woke up one hour late :(
But they gave me a warm welcome. I was deeply moved.

That day, they serve miso soup with striped marlin.
There were so many bony parts of striped marlin in it. Also tofu and vegetables were there.
Miso soup with striped marlin, Kashigashira (Tsukiji)
As you see the soup, the striped marlin was so fatty ! Too large for me, so it took much time to eat it up :)

I was surrounded by drinkers, so I also couldn’t help drinking Japanese sake (Sencyu-Hassaku, 船中八策, 800 yen) :P
Sencyu Hassaku, Kashigashira (Tsukiji)

Kashigashira’s specialty ! Assorted sashimi !
Assorted sashimi2, Kashigashira (Tsukiji)
Brilliant !!!

Tuna, horse mackerel, Spanish mackerel, splendid alfonsino, bonito, hen clam, octopus, argescale blackfish, Alaskan pink shrimp and so forth.
Assorted sashimi1, Kashigashira (Tsukiji)

I remember, I went to Tsukiji just after my trip last time, too :) It is like hometown for me.

Kashigashira (河岸頭)
Lions mansion Higashi-Ginza building. 1st underground, 4-12-2 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open – lunch time from 11:00 to 14:00, bar time from 18:00 to 23:00
Closed – Sundays and national holidays
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kashigashiral
 (in Japanese only)

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Trip to Izu 2015 to see the earliest plum blossoms in Japan 1/2

Before I went to Italy, I also had a one night trip to Izu :P

My target was plum blossoms !
Atami have plum trees park that is named “Atami Baien” blooming the earliest in Japan.
(Baien means plum trees park)

I can go there from Chiba about three hours or so by local train.

Its name have “Atami”, but if you go there by foot, Kinomiya station is the best. So, we got off at Kinomiya station.
And also you can go there by bus from Atami station.
(Trip to Izu 2015 to see the earliest plum blossoms in Kanto area ) Appearance, Kinomiya station (Kinomiya)

Anyway, we felt hungry and we had breakfast before going to Atami baien.

Though Atami Baien is opposite area, I wanted to try this cafe for a long time.

Here, Bonnet .
(Trip to Izu 2015 to see the earliest plum blossoms in Kanto area ) Appearance, Bonnet (Kinomiya)

This kissaten had cozy atmosphere. We felt an old and Showa era smells :)

(Trip to Izu 2015 to see the earliest plum blossoms in Kanto area ) Counter, Bonnet (Kinomiya)

(Trip to Izu 2015 to see the earliest plum blossoms in Kanto area ) Tables, Bonnet (Kinomiya)

(Trip to Izu 2015 to see the earliest plum blossoms in Kanto area ) Walls, Bonnet (Kinomiya)

I ordered a hamburger set (ハンバーガーセット, 800 yen)

The waitress poured coffee into the cup in front of us. The flavor was good :)
(Trip to Izu 2015 to see the earliest plum blossoms in Kanto area ) Coffee, Bonnet (Kinomiya)

This kissaten’s specialty ! Hamburger !!!

(Trip to Izu 2015 to see the earliest plum blossoms in Kanto area ) Hamburger closer, Bonnet (Kinomiya)

(Trip to Izu 2015 to see the earliest plum blossoms in Kanto area ) Hamburger, Bonnet (Kinomiya)

It is smaller hamburger and not American taste.
It seemed hamburger steak and vegetables sandwiched with ordinary soft breads.
The origin of humburger might be like this.
By the way, a man ordered two hamburgers.

I know. If you want to be full as meal, this one humburger is not enough.

And then we went to Atami Baien .
(Trip to Izu 2015 to see the earliest plum blossoms in Kanto area ) Entrance, Atami Baien (Kinomiya)

Only 40% of their plum blossoms were in bloom, but we could enjoy seeing plum blossoms because there were so large number of trees :)

(Trip to Izu 2015 to see the earliest plum blossoms in Kanto area ) Whole view, Atami Baien (Kinomiya)

(Trip to Izu 2015 to see the earliest plum blossoms in Kanto area ) White1, Atami Baien (Kinomiya)

(Trip to Izu 2015 to see the earliest plum blossoms in Kanto area ) White2, Atami Baien (Kinomiya)

(Trip to Izu 2015 to see the earliest plum blossoms in Kanto area ) Pink1, Atami Baien (Kinomiya)

(Trip to Izu 2015 to see the earliest plum blossoms in Kanto area ) Pink2, Atami Baien (Kinomiya)

We enjoyed early Spring :)
After that we went to Izu Atagawa station.
Yes. We stayed at Onsen district :)

BONNET (ボンネット)
8-14 Ginza-cho, Atami-shi, Shizuoka
Open – from 9:00 to 17:00
Closed – Sundays

Atami Baien (熱海梅園)
8-11 Baien-cho, Atami-shi, Shizuoka
Open – 24 hours
Holiday – no scheduled
Admission fee – free (But 300 yen during plum blossoms festival)
HP – http://www.ataminews.gr.jp/ume/
(in Japanese only)

Our plan changed from seafood to giblets (Ningyocho)

As a result of strategy meeting at Frutas, we went toward Ningyocho.

And we came in front of the shop.
Apperance, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)

“Kanemasu” is stand-up-eating izakaya serving fresh seafood.
And this izakaya, Hyottoko serve fresh giblets can be eaten as raw.

They serve fresh pigs’ liver as raw that still avoid from control.

This shop accepts reservation only if every group members can arrived at the shop before 18:00.
We reserved the shop from 18:00. But, we arrived at the shop past 17:00 :P
Interior, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)

At first, appetizer (otoshi) came. They serve two dishes of this to us.
Otoshi, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)
I was lack of vegetables during my trip to Italy because I couldn’t eat well because of motion sickness and I had no time. So, I eat one dish up by myself nevertheless we were three :P

And Raw pigs’ meat came at once. Raw pigs’ tongue (タン刺し, 600 yen)
Pigs' tongue , Hyottoko (Ningyocho)

And…. assorted pigs’ raw giblets (三点刺し盛り, 1000 yen) !
Assorted pig's raw meats, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)
The meat in this side is hearts, and at the back, left is uterus and right is livers.
The liver had sticky texture and so tasty ! The uterus was crisp. And the heart was chewy moderately.

And simmered giblets (もつ煮込み, 480 yen) and potato salads (ポテトサラダ, 450 yen).
Simmered giblets and potato salads, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)
Both was good.

Grilled thick bacons (厚切りベーコン焼き, 600 yen)
Ham steak, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)

Broiled thick deep-fried tofu (厚揚げ焼き, 650 yen)
Simmered thick deep-fried tofu, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)
This tofu was simmered and then grilled.

We weren’t satisfied with eating raw meats yet and ordered raw pigs’ stomach (ガツ刺し, 450 yen) :)
Stomach, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)

Last, we ordered some grilled meats.
Tsukune (つくね, 140 yen)
Tsukune, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)
It had crunchy texture and tasted good.

Hearts, head, tongue, liver and gristle (ハツ、カシラ、タン、レバー、ナンコツ, 140 yen each)
Only the liver was rare. Another was grilled well. Everything was so tasty.
Grilled giblets, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)

Hyottoko (ひょっとこ)
3-4-8 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 17:00 to 23:00
Closed – Sundays and another national holidays

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Now I’m back. (Monzen-Nakacho)

I went back from Italy this morning.
This was the first time to visit Italy. In the first place, I visited Europe for the first time.
Italy was wonderful, but this trip was too short to see all historical places and eat some delicious foods. I have to visit there again in the near future.
Articles about this trip will be posted later. Anyway, just after went back from Italy, I went to Kachidoki to eat at Kanemasu.
I was starving for Japanese foods !

But unfortunately we met temporary closing ! Oh my ! It was too sad !

Anyway, we went to Fruits cafe FRUTAS to have strategy meetings.
Appearance, Fruits cafe Frutas (Monzen-nakacho)

Though it was “strategy meeting”, but we were at Frutas.
Interior, Fruits cafe Frutas (Monzen-nakacho)

So, I ordered Amaou strawberries juice with milk (いちごみるくジュース, 900 yen)
Amaou strawberries juice with milk, Fruits cafe Frutas (Monzen-nakacho)
It was so delicious.

One of my friend ordered this.
Amaou strawberries waffle(あまおうのワッフル,2160 yen)
Amaou strawberries waffles, Fruits cafe Frutas (Monzen-nakacho)
I believe. There’s no ladies but loves this cute appearance !

As its name, Amaou is the king of strawberries ! So sweet, so juicy.

And another who appeared late ordered this.
Citrus parfait (かんきつのパフェ ,2160 yen)
Citrus parfait, Fruits cafe Frutas (Monzen-nakacho)

Top of citrus parfait, Fruits cafe Frutas (Monzen-nakacho)

Some small balls are kumquats. Those peels can be eaten. And also Setoka and Hyuganatsu in it.
Everything was juicy. I tasted it this time, but I want to eat all of it next time ;)

Are they losing your mind???

We were to eat dinner after that ! It’s strategy meeting for that :P

Fruits café FRUTAS (フルーツカフェ フルータス)
1-24-6 Tomioka, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 11:00 to 19:30
Holiday – Wednesdays (except national holidays)
HP – http://www.frutas.jp/
(in Japanese Only)

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Ayutthaya without passport (Funabashi)

Though my work becomes less busy,
my trip to Italy is nearby.
So, now I’m very busy preparing :P

But I cannot stop eating out :P

I haven’t been to Thailand yet, so I don’t know real Thai foods. But I like Thai foods very much.

By the way, Funabashi have AYUTTHAYA and we don’t have to go there with our passports.
It’s on the third floor of the old building a little far from Funabashi station. The building have no elevators.
Still there’s always lots of guests :)
Entrance, Ayuthaya (Funabashi)

Mostly, I cannot help eating spicy foods, especially curry when I go to there. But I decided to eat another foods before arriving at the restaurant.
My choice was …

Chicken noodle (クイッティオガイ, 870 yen)
Chicken noodle, Ayuthaya (Funabashi)

Jelly-like dessert. Coconuts flavor. I like such a simple and natural sweetness :)
Dessert, Ayuthaya (Funabashi)

Every lunch set have salads and dessert.

My friend ordered red curry and gapao (Rice topped with stir-fried pork and holy basil) set. I sampled it and it tasted good as usual.
And this Tom yum goong. Curry set have soup and we can change it to Tom yum goong with extra charge 330 yen.

Tom yum goong, Ayuthaya (Funabashi)
This tom yum goong was so tasty ! I should order it next time !

Ayutthaya (アユタヤ)
Ishii building 3rd floor, 3-36-34 Honcho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Open – from 11:30 to 14:00, from 17:00 to 23:00
Holiday – Mondays
HP – http://www.ayuthaya.net/
(in Japanese only)

Splendid seafood in the daytime (Funabashi)

I had lunch at Maguro-ichi that is my favorite seafood izakaya close to Funabashi Keisei station.

Maguro-Ichi is in the same building as my dentist.
But mostly I rarely feel like eating something just after dental treatment.

I usually go to there by myself. I take lunch just after my dental treatment if I’m OK. If I can’t take lunch just after the dental treatment and still I want to eat at the shop, I take time at Don Quijote and LOFT near the shop and then go back to the building and have lunch :)

But I went to there with my friend that day.
Our bowls, Maguro-ichi (Funabashi)

I ordered a Sashimi bowl (海鮮丼). I think prices got higher :P It cost me 1300yen.
Sashimi bowl set, Maguro-ichi (Funabashi)
The waiter bring bowls to our table, but we have to get miso soup, pickled vegetables and tuna’s skin dressed with Korean-style sauce at the table.

But it seemed that bowls became more gorgeous !
And my sashimi bowl have squid marinated with soy sauce (called oki-duke) ! It’s my delight ! In addition, greater amberjack, sea bream, octopus, chu-toro and o-toro.
Sashimi bowl, Maguro-ichi (Funabashi)

And I also like this tuna’s skin dressed with Korean-style sauce :)
Tuna's skin, Maguro-ichi (Funabashi)
Its texture was like gelatin !

This is my friend’s Maguro-Ichi special. Four rare parts of tuna bowl (まぐろの希少部位四色丼, 1800 yen)
There’re not many restaurants that serve such a precious food ! Oh my !
Maguro-Ichi special Maguro-ichi (Funabashi)

If you want to eat something fresh seafood at Funabashi, I recommend this Maguro-Ichi, not Funabashi market. Funabashi market is not bad, but Maguro-Ichi serve more tasty seafood than some in Funabashi Market.

Maguro-ichi (まぐろ市)
Honcho Central Building. 1st basement floor , 4-41-19 Honcho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Open – from 11:30 to 14:00, from 17:00 to 23:30
Holiday – Sundays

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Miyakozushi in mid-winter (Bakuro-Yokoyama)

I was longing for Miyakozushi during cold season because there’re much tasty seafood in mid-winter.Finally, my wish came true !
It’s more harder to reserve Miyakozushi nowadays.
Apperance, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)

Basically, Miyakozushi prepare chef’s choice only.
After eating chef’s choice up, we can order another foods separately, but I can hardly order another foods because I’m a small eater :P

At first, some appetizers suitable for alcoholic drinks came. Though we didn’t have alcoholic drinks !
I can’t eat chef’s choice up if I have alcoholic drinks :P And if there’s any space to have alcoholic drinks in my stomach, I would like to have more sushi :)

*Vinegared sea cucumber (Namako-su, なまこ酢)
Vinegared sea cucumber, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)

Sashimi. *Razor clam and wild scallop (Taira-Gai and natural Hotate, 平ら貝と天然の帆立貝)
Razor clam and wild scallop, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)
Wild scallop, I expected that is splendid, but it was not sweet at all. I realized “wild” foods are not always awesome.
But there’s few opportunities to eat wild scallops, so it’s a good experience for me :)

*Filefish with its innards and soy sauce (Kawahagi with Kimo-Jyoyu, カワハギを肝醤油で)
Filefish with its innards and soy sauce, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)

*Grilled soft roe (Yaki-Shirako, 焼き白子)
Grilled soft roe, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)

*Salted entrails of trepang chawanmushi (Konowata no Chawanmushi, このわたの茶碗蒸し)
Chawanmushi with salted entrails of trepang, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)

*Mackerel roll (Saba-Maki, 鯖巻き)
Mackerel roll, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)
It was not included in the chef’s choice. Another guest order it and the chef gave us the surplus :) We shared it.

After that, grilled fish came as a sign of the end of appetizers.
*Grilled blackthroat seaperch (Akamutsu, 赤むつの塩焼き)
Grilled blackthroat seaperch, MIyakozushi (Bakuro^Yokoyama)

And then, sushi time here!
At first, young punctatus (Kohada, 小肌) came as usual. That day, two smaller slices of young punctatus on the shari.
Young punctatus, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)
Though I don’t like eating young punctatus at another restaurants, I like Miyakozushi’s.

*Red sea bream (Madai, 真鯛)
Red sea bream, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)
That day’s red sea bream was fantastic. I had been never impressed by red sea bream and I’m not usually ready to eat red sea bream.
But that day, I changed my mind about red sea bream :)

*Young sea bream (Kasugo, 春子鯛)
Young sea bream, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)
Its skin was cut beautifully as usual.

*Spanish mackerel (Sawara, 鰆)
Spanish mackerel, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)

*Halfbeak (Sayori, サヨリ)
halfbeak, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)

*Chu-toro (中トロ)
Chu-toro, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)

*Yellow tail (Buri, 鰤)
Yellowtail, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)
Ah, this was the first time to eat yellow tail at Miyakozushi !

*Seaweed roll with tuna (Tekka-maki, 鉄火巻き)
Seaweed roll with tuna, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)
The laver was tasty. The rice was good. And also the tuna was great !

*Kuruma prawn (Kuruma-Ebi, 車海老)
Kuruma prawn, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)
Big kuruma prawn !!! It choked me ! :P But so tasty.

*Sea urchin (Uni, うに)
Sea urchin, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)
My mouth got full with it ! I was so happy !

Last nigiri of chef’s choice at Miyakozushi is always conger eel, but before that, the chef asks us if we have more sushi.
I was already full, but my delight was in front of me and I wanted to eat it at any cost and ordered it after all.
*Golden cuttlefish (Sumi-Ika, すみいか)
Golden cuttlefish, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)

We can choose the seasonings from sauce and salt. I ordered my conger eel with sauce. I like Miyakozushi’s original sauce :)
Conger eel, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)

*Tamagoyaki (Tamagoyaki, 玉子焼き) as dessert.
Tamagoyaki, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)

*Asari clam soup (あさり汁)
Asari clam soup, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)

Okuda Building 1st floor, 3-1-3 Higashi-Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 17:30 to 22:00
Saturdays – from 17:00 to 22:00
Sundays and national holidays – from 12:00 to 13:00 , from 17:00 to 21:00
Closed – Mondays

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