Birthday party at cozy room (Ginza)

“Perci” in Higashi-Ginza district closed their restaurant for moving to somewhere another place at the early this year.
And several months later, they moved to another place in Ginza. But they aren’t still open officially.

But my friend who has been a regular customer there sometimes have reservation and enjoy dinner. I’m jealous !
I asked him to take me there again and again!
And finally ! He invited me to dinner party !

Perci’s hamburger steak is loved by many people. Of course my friend and I, too.

And my friend ordered the hamburger steak in specially in advance.
Private party.

It is on the upper floor of the apartment in Ginza.
It looked like a home party.

It was December. I thought that they would celebrate my birthday and ordered sparkling wine with a light heart :P

Sparkling wine, Perci (Ginza)

At first, bread and paste came. Perci’s bread is soooo soft. Amazing.
Bread and putty, Perci (Ginza)

Scallop and cod terrine. Of course the terrine was good. But those vegetables were fresh, too :)
Cod and scallop terrine, Perci (Ginza)

Well ! That day’s entree came up ! Our great favorite hamburger steak !
Hamburger steak and creap with salmon & cabbage, Perci (Ginza)
We heard that they won’t to serve it regularly. We also heard that it takes much time to cook. We know. Such a delicious hamburg steak must have taken much time to make !

And this crepe was good, too. It have salmon and cabbage in it.
This crab-flavored sauce went with this crep very well.

Section of crepe, Perci (Ginza)

Last Shell macaroni with tomato sauce.
Shell macaroni, Perci (Ginza)
snow-shaped pasta looks cute :D

And ! December 20 is my birthday and they celebrated.:D

Birthday cake, Perci (Ginza)
Such a birthday cake make me glad at any age no matter how old I get.

Purple sweet poptato chip sticked into the cake :P
My cake, Perci (Ginza)

With herbal tea.
Herb tea, Perci (Ginza)

It was very nice birthday present !

We heard that Perci will be open officially before long. Only dinner time. But now they only accepts  as private party.

New ramen shop near my house(Keisei-Okubo)

Keisei-Okubo – my town have so much ramen shops.
I think it’s because there are some universities. Nihon univ., Toyo univ. etc.
Young people really like ramen :D

Recently, also one new ramen shop has started their business.

Menya Soumei
Appearance, Menya Soumei (Keisei Okubo)

It seems an old bar. I heard that they bought the building with its stock and goodwill.
There is a ticked vending machine near the door, so at first, we buy our ticket there.

I ordered a dried sardine ramen with roast pork (肉煮干しそば, 850 yen)

Most ramen shops prepare ramen in front of the counter table. But this shop doesn’t.
They have kitchen at the back of the shop.

After a while, my ramen came.
Dried sardine soup ramen with pork, Menya Soumei (Keisei Okubo)

I expected that it have more dynamic amount of meat because its name have the word “meat”.
But it was better for me. I can’t eat much :P A little back fat on the soup. But it wasn’t so heavy. It was rather light.
And its name have the word “dried sardine”, but it didn’t have much flavor of the dried sardines. it seemed standard soy sauce ramen :)
I think my mother like it.

The noodle was thick.
Noodles, Menya Soumei (Keisei Okubo)

Karaage (Tsukishima)

I was so impressed by the deep fried shrimps at this izakaya before, so I visited there for lunch again.

Appearance, Tsukiji Honmaru (Tsukishima)

“Monja town”, Tsukishima is attractive for tourists, but isn’t crowded at weekdays’ lunchtime.

Well, that day’s my target was, yes ! My delight. Karaage !

Last time, I felt very hot because the chef cook deep fried foods in front of the table. But I found the extremely left seat is not hot :D

Karaage set(唐揚げ定食) 780 yen
Salted Karaage set, Honmaru (Tsukishima)

So much rice in the bowl as before.
And this karaage. Five pieces of karaage doesn’t seem to be much. But, those were larger than average.

Salted Karaage, Honmaru (Tsukishima)

These karaage had much meat juices !  Wow ! That’s terrific !
It went with mayonnaise very well. With lemon was OK, too !

But there’s only one thing I felt disappointing.
That is the salted sauce with lemon flavor. I didn’t like it.
Well, I didn’t need it at all. This karaage was perfect without even anything.

And more, to my surprise, free refill on karaage ! (I couldn’t eat any more, though :P)

I want to go there again soon, but I have so many restaurants that I want to visit around my office.
I’ll try another restaurants for a time being.
But I’ll go there again early in 2015 !
I want to eat deep fried oysters and cold yellow tail bowl that is winter limited!

By the way, as posted last, I had an exam today.
I think the result won’t be good. :(
Needless to say, listening English is very difficult for me, but more difficult thing is to memory what I heard.
TOEIC don’t allow us to take notes while the test.  I have to train my memory before studying English….

Tsukiji Honmaru (築地 本丸)
3-17-5 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 11:30 to 14:00, from 17:00 to 24:00
Saturdays, Sundays and another national holidays – from 16:00 to 24:00
Closed – no holidays

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Yamagata beef cutlet (Tsukishima)

Lately I was so busy studying for TOEIC. I have an exam this weekend :( . But I already gave up. Of course I’ll take the exam, but I won’t be able to get a score of over 900.
I’ll do my best next time…

By the way, I don’t make my bento for lunch break and go out in lunch hour recently.
(I use studying for test as an excuse :P)

There are still too many restaurants that I haven’t been yet.
I intended to go to a yakiniku restaurant in Tsukishima that day.

I was looking and looking… but ! I couldn’t find the restaurant.

Where ?
What is the construction site ?
Oh my….

Much time already passed.
I was anxious that I might not be able to have lunch at this rate.
I searched for some restaurants that are open.

Then I found the restaurant by happen. This was one of the restaurant that I had wanted go for a long time.

Yamagatayama Tsukishima branch
Appearance, Yamagatayama Tsukishima branch (Tsukishima)
I knew that restaurant serve yakiniku at lunchtime, too. But there was no time to eat yakiniku ! I had no time ! I couldn’t have much time to grill meat !
I checked the menu except yakiniku and unexpectedly I could find some foods.

I hesitated the high price of those foods just a little. But there was no time to hesitate.

Anyway, I entered the restaurant.

This restaurant serve Yamagata beef. Not only Yamagata beef, but also they serve Yamagata local foods.

I ordered yamagata beef cutlet set (山形牛 牛カツ定食, 1380 yen)
Beef cutlet set, Yamagatayama Tsukishima branch (Tsukishima)

It’s more roast beef cutlet than beef cutlet ?

Beef cutlet, Yamagatayama Tsukishima branch (Tsukishima)
Recently, I can’t eat fatty meats…. so such a lean meat make me feel comfortable. But those were tough meats. It was hard for me to bite off.
It had tasted lightly and good.
But I wanted the chef cut those meat smaller, or I needed knife.

My mouth is smaller !

This salad had tasty dressing.
Salad, Yamagatayama Tsukishima branch (Tsukishima)

By the way, I didn’t find first, but they also serve curry with beef tongue and Imoni (thick potato & meat soup, traditional food in Yamagata)
I want to try next time !

Anyway, I was very happy to manage to have lunch !

Yamagatayama Tsukishima branch (山形山 月島店)
Caital gate place The residence 1F, 1-5-2-107 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open – 11:30 to 14:30, 17:00 to 23:45
Saturdays, Sundays and another national holidays – 11:30 to 14:00, 14:00 to 23:45
Holiday – no scheduled
HP –
(in Japanese only)

Serving winter foods has started (Tsukiji Market)

Nevertheless I have a commuter pass to Tsukiji Market subway station, recently I don’t go there for breakfast.
So, I managed to wake up early and went there.

I often go to Tsukiji at lunch break nowadays. But it don’t need my commuter pass because I walk to there from my office :P
It’s difficult for me to wake up early in the morning because it’s getting colder.

I went to there two times recently.
Both I had breakfast at Yonehana .
Appearance, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)
Yonehana serves me chef’s choice, so I don’t need to decide my breakfast :)
It’s a little hard for me to decide what to eat because my brain doesn’t awake clearly yet in the early morning :P

That day, at first, I thought to eat deep fried oysters and fried oyster set at Odayasu. But my stomach was still weak after my recent illness and I thought I should avoid oily deep fried foods.
So, I went into Yonehana.
On entering the shop, I found there was no guests.
Everytime I go to Yonehana, I find it is nearly full or few guests.
Jiro-san said it takes much time to prepare my breakfast. “What happen ?”, I said.

“Today’s chef’s choice is deep fried oysters !”

Oh, my !

W,well,,,,it’s ok :P
I waited for 10 minutes or’s longer as Yonehana. This waiting time is as long as eel box serving.
Chefs choice, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)

This was the first time to eat deep fried oysters at Yonehana !

I was anxious about my stomach… but those deep fried oysters were crisp and not oily. Those coatings were thin.
The best thing is …. those oysters were splendid !!! I wan’t satisfied with those smaller oysters at first looking.
But those oysters had rich taste of oysters !
I ate it up soon.
Deep fried oysters, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)
By the way, this is the Yonehana-style. Those leaves were served roughly.
There’s no problem. The mission of Yonehana is serving good foods, not beautiful foods ;)

And this is the chef’s choice of the other day’s breakfast.
Chefs choice, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)

I knew that day’s chef’s choice by my friend’s twittering in advance.
Assorted sashimi.
Shrimp and yellowtail, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)
Jiro-san said, “Today we have awesome tuna ! Here, bluefin tuna !” and he placed my sashimi on the table….
It’s anything but tuna….. Yellow tail to all appearance ! Yummy yellowtail and shrimp !
Those slice of yellowtail were sliced thinner as Yonehana ! It’s comfortable !

The side dish was lotus root dressed with spicy sauce, big ivory shell and hijiki ! Fiber-rich !
Side dish, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)

Miso soup. Huge sardine ball ! And this sardine ball wasn’t only huge but also soooo tasty !
Miso soup with sardine ball and soft roe, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)

But,,, I saw my friend’s chef’s choice on twitter. That had soft roe in the miso soup….. :(
I looked for it……

Here, it is !
Miso soup contains soft roe, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)

What a gorgeous miso soup that contains soft roe !
I couldn’t order yakitori that day, too. Just this chef’s choice made my stomach completely full !

Also, I became a smaller eater than ever since I had a severe stomachache by cheese. But why don’t I still lose my weight … ?

Yonehana (米花)
Tsukiji Market Building No.8, 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 5:00 to 13:30
Holiday – Market’s holiday (Almost all Sunday, several Wednesdays, national holidays and so on)

Sushi on lunch break (Tsukiji)

Since my supervisor took a day off the other day, I took lunch at Sushi restaurant in Tsukiji area :)
This. “Sushitomi”
Appearance, Sushitomi (Tsukiji)

Well, it takes more one hour to go there, eat lunch and go back.
So, when I go to lunch such a distant place, I mostly go when my supervisor take a day off or get out of the office lest my supervisor know my exact leaving time :P

I went to there once before and ate marinated leftover meat of tuna bowl. But I didn’t like the sweet sauce and sweet vinegared rice.
But I thought nigiri would be better for me and I tried eating at there again.

At lunchtime each restaurants in Tsukiji Area serve good sushi, but somehow this Sushitomi doesn’t have much guests relatively.
I think it’s because the restaurant doesn’t stand along the main street.
And more, pictures on menus in front of the restaurant don’t look tasty….

I ordered a 1.5 portion of nigiri. They also serve inexpensive sashimi bowls at weekdays’ lunchtime,
But I came to such a distance lunch spot behind my supervisor’s back, so I had no choice but eat sushi !
It cost me 1404 yen.

The set have 10 pieces of sushi, and sushi roll and miso soup.
Each pieces of sushi are smaller.
Pictures on the menu didn’t good looking, but the real sushi looked tasty.

greater amberjack, lean meat of tuna, chu-toro, boiled shrimp, scallop, horse mackerel, squid,boiled actopus, salmon roe, tamagoyaki and tuna roll and cucumber roll.

Nigiri, Sushitomi (Tsukiji)

A tuna wholesaler run this restaurant, so, the quality of tuna was awesome.
Nigiri zoom1, Sushitomi (Tsukiji)

But those were small all the same …
Nigiri zoom2, Sushitomi (Tsukiji)

A young man next to me ordered this 1.5 portion of nigiri and more marinated leftover meat of tuna bowl.
I can’t eat too much, but still I wasn’t satisfied with the amount.

Autumn nights’ curry’ll be end soon(Gotanda)

I have some foods that I feel like eating on cold season.

One of them is soup curries that are served by the shop named “Udon” in Gotanda.

Until November 30,  the shop serve Autumn nights’ curry.
Udon’s soup curries are really spicy and I can feel warm, so I feel like eating the curries during cold seasons.

And, this is the curry shop.
Appearance, Udon (Gotanda)

The shop is the center of this picture. Yellow and red – impressive wall.

Well, it is open.
The signboard’s light is not on and the light inside the shop don’t bright. But the shop is open.

I say again.
It is open !

I need some courage to enter in though I already went to there several times :P

My target was this.
Autumn night’s curry (秋の夜かれー). The price is 1050 that has not changed even after the consumption tax increase.
Menu of Autumn curry, Udon (Gotanda)

Just the shopkeeper work there by himself.
Let him to work at his own pace.
If you enter the shop and find that he’s cooking, be seated somewhere as you like and wait for a while.
Then he speak to you and serve water at his convenience.

Well, this is the Autumn night’s curry the shopkeeper cook carefully.
Whole view of Autumn curry, Udon (Gotanda)

There’re three types of the Autumn night’s curry. Normal, refreshing and Chinese herbal medicine.
I selected Chinese herbal medicine version.
Basically,  the soup itself is the same as another types. Last, the shopkeeper put Chinese herbal medicine powder on it.
Autumn curry, Udon (Gotanda)

Woow, Plenty of mushrooms !!!
Some mushrooms were big and it was hard for me to pick them with spoon :P
Plenty of mushrooms, Udon (Gotanda)

And at November, he serve “Kinoko-no-Sakebi (Mushrooms’ shout)”.
It have more mushrooms. And more, fried minced meat, cheese and mushrooms on the rice.
November is going to be end soon, though.

But ! December have Winter nights’ curry ! The main ingredient is… Oyster !!!
And also December, he serve “oyster god” that have plenty of oysters !

Curry shop UDON (かれーの店うどん)
2-31-5 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 11:30 to 15:00, from 17:30 to 21:00
Holiday – Sundays and national holidays
HP –
(in Japanese only)

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