Lemon ramen and chicken tempura in residential district (Ojima)

When I ate sudachi soba the other day of this summer, I liked it and thought noodles go with citruses contrary to expectations. And I went to Ojima (close to Kinshicho) eat popular lemon ramen.
I couldn’t go there because it sounded not good though I had known the shop since long ago.

Rinsuzu Shokudou

Appearance, Rinsuzu Shokudou (Ojima)

But Sudachi soba that I ate this summer had cold soup. Lemon ramen have hot soup.
Umm. I felt it sounds not tasty all the same. So… yes. I’m crafty…. I ordered a safe ramen with chicken tempura (鶏天ラーメン, 750 yen) and I planned to taste my friend’s lemon ramen :P

Well, also this chicken tempura wasn’t safe in amount, though :(

Chicken tempura is served separately.
Chicken tempura, Rinsuzu Shokudou (Ojima)

… ! Steak !!!!! It is anything but a chicken meat for steak.

I needed more rice than ramen !

Its surface was crisp, but the chicken  was so juicy. That was really tasty.

“I need rice  !”, I was shouting inside.

But, what came to me was ramen all the same :P
Ramem, Rinsuzu Shokudou (Ojima)
This ramen was very tasty just as it was. The soup was mixed soba soup and soy sauce ramen soup.
And putting the chicken tempura on it added chicken’s fat to the soup.
Then, the chicken having the soup was outstandingly good!

Not only that, we can also enjoy it with grated ginger and red pepper on the table.

That ramen seems not large, but the bowl was deeper. So it had much noodles than its looking.

This is Lemon ramen (レモンラーメン, 650 yen) my friend ordered.
Very popular ramen and lot of people coming at weekends’ lunchtime.
“Ojima” is not popular district. It is residential district. There’re not much restaurants and shops. They come to Ojima just for eating it :)

The soup was coverd with lots of sliced lemons !!!!
Lemon ramen, Rinsuzu Shokudou (Ojima)
It was better than I had expected.
The sourness of lemon went with the soba-taste soup well.
But the peels of lemon added bitterness to the soup after a while  as the shopkeeper saying “Pick those sliced lemon out after a while, or it’s going to bitter !”
When I sampled it, it had already got bitterer.
I think it’s very difficult to find good time to pick those lemons out.

And more, my friend ordered a chicken tempura (200 yen).Very inexpensive ! Of course, we can’t order chicken tempura only, but it’s amazing that we can eat such a juicy chicken tempura just 200 yen.

Rinsuzu Shokudou (りんすず食堂)
Narumo Building 1st floor 5-7-3 Ojima, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 11:30 to 21:00
Holiday – Mondays

Muscat and grape parfait(Monzen-nakacho)

My favorite fruits are grape and peach. Now, we can eat both.
Though shops and restaurants that serve seasonal fruits don’t already stop selling peaches, we can still buy peaches at supermarkets.

Well, Fruits cafe FRUTAS that offer seasonal fresh fruits serve muscats and grapes now.
Among them, my target that day is Three species of muscat and grapes parfait – Shine Muscat, Nagano Purple and Aurora 21 !

Surprise ! It cost 2700 yen !
Three kinds of muscat and grape parfait, Fruits cafe FRUTAS (Monzen-nakacho)
But it was worthwhile !

Green is Shine Muscat, purple is Nagano Purple and Aurora 21 is at the top !
Aurora 21 is so big grape. It is not known very well and there are only a few shops and restaurants have it.Scarcity grape !
I didn’t know its existence until that day !
Three kinds of muscat and grape parfait from top, Fruits cafe FRUTAS (Monzen-nakacho)

Not only those fresh grapes and muscats, muscat-flavor sorbet, muscat jelly and Kyoho grapes-flavor ice cream was splendid !

Fruits café FRUTAS (フルーツカフェ フルータス)
1-24-6 Tomioka, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 11:00 to 19:30
Holiday – Wednesdays (except national holidays)
HP – http://www.frutas.jp/
(in Japanese Only)

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Vietnamese foods (Kamata)

Since we heard that a Vietnamese foods restaurant in Kamata was scheduled to be shown on popular TV series among foodies, we went to there before the TV series being shown !
(I don’t see the TV series though :P)
The restaurant’s name is “THI THI”

Everyone except one who can’t drink ordered Biere Larue (ラルービール, 540 yen).
I haven’t seen this beer ever.
Larue beer, THI THI (Kamata), THI THI (Kamata)
To put it nicely, it is easy to drink. But in other words, it is weak. And sweet just a little.
I don’t like beer very much, so it was good for me, but my friend who love beer wasn’t satisfied enough with it and he ordered Kirin beer after finished it :)

First of all, speaking of Vietnamese foods, we recall ….
Summer roll with shrimps (えびの生春巻き, 648 yen)
Summer roll with shrimps, THI THI (Kamata)

And then rice paper came.
Rice paper, THI THI (Kamata)

Vietnamese spring roll and shrimp balls set (揚げ春巻きと海老団子のコンボ, 1944 yen)
Vietnamese spring roll and shrimp ball set, THI THI (Kamata)
At first, we wet our rice paper with water in a sprayer and after it got softer, we put some ingredients we want on the rice paper, wrap it then ate.
The spring roll was good. It had much meats. But rice paper was hard to get softer only spraying water. And it took time.I wish they bring it with the state of complete.

And Bánh xèo (バインセオ, 1350 yen)
Bánh xèo, THI THI (Kamata)
I learned that it is similar to Okonomiyaki, but it was like omelet :)
Lots of soybean sprouts and leeks were sandwiched.

Spare rib (スペアリブ, 918 yen)
Spare Lib, THI THI (Kamata)
It had strong taste, but it wasn’t too sweet and the meat was tasty.

Rice vermicelli wtih lemon grass (レモングラスのビーフン, 918 yen)
Rice vermicelli with Lemon grass, THI THI (Kamata)

Pho with beef (牛肉のフォー, 918 yen)
Pho with beef, THI THI (Kamata)

We love rice. We love noodles.
Vermicelli and pho is excellent foods for us :D
Each of noodles had separated ingredients.
We put some of it on the noodles and another good way of eating the separated ingredients was eating as it is like salad.

Three-color dessert with tapioca (タピオカの三色デザート, 540 yen)
Three-color dessert with tapioca, THI THI (Kamata)
Why we chose it was because it looks very brilliant on the menu. It was bright green colored sweets on the menu…. Umm. It wasn’t at all !
But it was tasty. Coconuts juice, tapioka and anko. Anko ? Why anko in it in Vietnamese restaurant… :P

Deep fried banana (揚げバナナ, 540 yen)
Deep fried banana, THI THI (Kamata)
Deep fried banana !  Awesome !!!

Vietnam-Style Oshiruko (ベトナム風おしるこ, 540 yen)
Vietnam-style oshiruko, THI THI (Kamata)
It wasn’t like oshiruko. But those Southeast Asian sweets are really tasty.

As a whole, those foods are seasoned for Japanese and we could enjoy eating them.

B1F, 5-26-6, Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 17:00 to 23:00
Saturdays, Sundays and another national holidays – from 12:00 to 22:00
Closed – Mondays

Special seafood curry (Tsukiji)

We heard that Kashigashira served seafood curry after a long long interval.
They rarely serve seafood curry because it takes too much time to cook.
And they don’t give people about when they serve curry. Why we knew they served curry that day was because my friend went to there the previous day and the manager told him about that.

We gathered Kashigashira before the opening time and waited for a while.
Appearance, Kashigashira (Tsukiji)

At first, we ordered a assorted sashimi.
Assorted sashimi, Kashigashira (Tsukiji)

Especially the baby squid was excellent ! Saury, Alaskan pink shrimp, longtooth grouper, channel rockfish and so on.

And, special seafood curry !!!!!
Seafood curry, Kashigashira (Tsukiji)
That day’s seafood curry had much shrimps and scallp !
It was not so spicy, but it had much good taste of seafood !

Kashigashira (河岸頭)
Lions mansion Higashi-Ginza building. 1st underground, 4-12-2 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open – lunch time from 11:00 to 14:00, bar time from 18:00 to 23:00
Closed – Sundays and national holidays
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kashigashiral
 (in Japanese only)

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Max Brenner Chocolate Bar (Oshiage)

I could finally go to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar that I wanted to go there for a long time !

That’s Tokyo Soramachi Branch next to Tokyo Skytree.
I know Soramachi is so crowded in weekends. And Max brenner is so popular among people and lots of people visit there in weekends.
But I went to there at weekday’s night and it wasn’t crowded. Soramachi itself don’t have much people.

I know Max brenner is chocolate shop founded in Israel.

And the most popular foods in the shop is the pizza.
Chocolate chunk pizza (チョコレートチャンクピザ, 420 yen per one piece)
Chocolate chunk pizza and hot chocolate, MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE BAR (Oshiage)
Lots of marshmallows and chocolate sauce !!!!!

And Hot chocolate – milk flavor (ホットチョコレート・ミルク, 550 yen)
Hot chocolate, MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE BAR (Oshiage)
It had rich taste and tasted good !

Chocolate chunk pizza and milk tea, MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE BAR (Oshiage)

I wanted to buy something for eating at home, but the shop don’t have any products that I like. I wanted to eat plain chocolate, but they sell only baked sweets.
This is “cafe” featured chocolate, not store all the same.

Though it is difficult to go there because Oshiage is far from both my office and home, I like this cafe very much and I want to go there again soon.
I want to try chocolate fondue next time. It looks really tasty !

By the way, I heard that the Omotesando branch is always very very crowded. So if you want to eat at Max Brenner in Japan, I recommend the Soramachi branch ;)

“The best deep fried oyster in Japan” (Nihonbashi)

Mostly deep fried oysters are served in cold season only.
Some restaurants serve it from October to April at the longest.
Yes, one of the shop is Odayasu in Tsukiji Market :P
I heard that Odayasu serve deep fried oyster until June this year…

Even June is limit for the Odayasu serving deep fried oysters.

But !

I heard there is a restaurant that serves deep fried oysters all year around !

The place is Nihonbashi.

And they use oysters from Akkeshi of Hokkaido that is so popular as big and excellent oysters !

If you love oysters, you cannot help going there and trying it :D

Of course, we went to there. Needless to say, we love oysters.
The shop is on the 1st basement floor.

Akkeshi of Hokkaido, Nihonbashi Honten
Entrance, Hokkaido Akkeshi Nihonbashi-honten (Nihonbashi)

We arrived at the shop more 20 minutes earlier, but the stairs were full with people waiting.
Most valuable oyster, Hokkaido Akkeshi Nihonbashi-honten (Nihonbashi)

They have only one menu at lunchtime. Just deep fried oysters.
The lunch set menu is “The best deep fried oyster set in Japan” (日本一のカキフライ定食, 1000 yen) !
Everyone come to the restaurant for eating it.
Some of them might be there about one hour earlier before the opening.
Lunch menu, Hokkaido Akkeshi Nihonbashi-honten (Nihonbashi)

On taking our seats, in the meantime, the waitress said to us, “We serve deep fried oysters only. Is that OK ?”
Basically, we have only to wait. After a while, our foods come on our table like this.
Deep fried oyster set, Hokkaido Akkeshi Nihonbashi-honten (Nihonbashi)

Second helpings of rice and miso soup is free of charge. But as you see, plenty of rice and soup come.
We can eat those deep fried oysters with tartar sauce, ponzu with yuzu pepper on the tray, Worcestershire sauce and salt with oyster flavor on the table.

I liked eating my oysters with ponzu with yuzu pepper best.

Huge ! Two oysters, this side are rather small, but another oysters that side are big.
Deep fried oyster, Hokkaido Akkeshi Nihonbashi-honten (Nihonbashi)

Those were really big.
Those oysters taught me  why oysters are called “Sea of milk”
So creamy and rich flavor.

How wonderful. We can enjoy such good deep fried oysters all year around.

Akkeshi of Hokkaido Nihonbashi Honten(北海道厚岸 日本橋本店)
Nihonbashi Teito Building B1F, 2-2-15 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 13:00 to 14:00, from 17:00 to 23:30
Saturdays -from 17:00 to 23:00
Closed – Sundays and another national holidays

Kakigori all year around (Nippori)

It’s still hot in the daytime.
So, some popular kakigori shops have much people waiting in lin even on weekdays.

Here, Himitsu-do , we had to wait for about 40 minutes to take the seats.
Entrance, Himitsudo (Nippori)

On entering the shop, we can see kitchen and counter table on the left.
Handwriting menus are above the kitchen :)
Menus, Himitsudo (Nippori)
They serve kakigori with handmade fruits syrups that contain lots of seasonal fruits.Everyone come to here to eat it.
And the ice is natural ice.

They serve kakigori all year around. Well, it’s a cafe devoted to kakigori.
They keep warm temperature within the cafe for eating cold kakigori.

In winter, it is really warm in the cafe. And, they give us disposable heating pads in mid-winter :)

Well, now, though it’s nearly end, peaches are in season. So, I couldn’t help eating kakigori with peach syrups all the same.

Himitsu-no-momo (ひみつの桃, 900 yen)
Himitsu-no-momo, Himitsudo (Nippori)
It was more sauce than syrup.
Plenty of sauce was on the shaved ice in advance. And more, additional sauce was served with kakigori.

But I wan’t satisfied with the amount of the sauce. No, the amount is enough. But I took much sauce first and ran out of the sauce in the middle of eating it..

I felt like ordering additional sauce :P

And Berry Zanmai with milk (ベリー三昧, 800 yen)
Berry Zanmai, Himitsudo (Nippori)

Lots of berries in it.
Berry sauce itself was thick and sour, but sweet milk syrup was over the shaved ice in advance and it made the sauce milder. I love it :)

Berry Zanmai over sauce, Himitsudo (Nippori)

Momo means peach in English :)

Himitsu-do (ひみつ堂)
3-11-18 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 11:00 to 18:00 (In summer until 20:00, and sometimes they change their end-time)
Holiday – Mondays, (only in Winter)Tuesdays
HP – http://himitsudo.com/ (In Japanese only)
Twitter – https://twitter.com/himitsuno132
(In Japanese only)